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Should a newly-wed couple live with the husband’s parents or on their own?

Thursday, March 27
“This has become a much more pressing question recently. I don’t know why, but the fact is there weren’t so many divorces before. Perhaps older people are wiser, and when they intervene in couples’ affairs, their opinions help prevent the sudden nervous breakdowns of youths.”
Marina, kindergarten teacher, 55

“Trends like that are in fashion now, but my priest once said in his sermon that the devil is weaker when the family is large and together. We must consider this fact. And children need the care of not just their parents, but also their grandparents. It’s very important.”
Baia, dermatologist, 23

“I’m not married, but I know for sure that my husband and I will live on our own. I don’t like this Georgian tradition of having a big family, with the grandparents, parents and children all living together.”
Keti, economist, 26

“They should definitely live alone. There are many problems with a new family being formed, with the parents not comprehending the couple’s decisions.”
Lali, math teacher, 37

“I have a wife and we live with my parents—I don’t think it’s uncomfortable. Though, sometimes my wife complains about wanting to live separately. I understand her, but my parents are old and need my help, so I’m not going to live somewhere else.”
Revazi, banker 38

“When I got married, my parents asked me to live with them, but my husband refused. So we rented a house, and it’s much better than living with someone’s parents. I know that’s a Georgian tradition, but I wouldn’t like to have someone always watching me at home.”
Salome, dentist 31

“Yes, of course they should live separately. I’ve often heard that mothers-in-law destroy newly-made families when they don’t like the daughters-in-law. It’s dangerous. I’ve witnessed this, and I wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone.”
Tiko, student, 20

“I don’t know, I have a wife and two children and live with my parents. My wife has a perfect relation with my parents. And they help look after the children when we want to go on holiday.”
Nika, manager, 34

“If you have your own home you should live separately. No one could ever convince me than living with parents is better than living on your own.”
Zura, musician, 23