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What was the influence of Zviad Gamsakhurdia?

Monday, March 31
“He didn’t have any, he was a patriot and nothing else—if he had had influence he would have kept his position.”
Natia, doctor, 31

“Gamsakhurdia was not a politician, he was just a man who loved his country and knew nothing about politics, which is unforgivable and that’s why his career ended in a bad way.”
Keti, economist, 27

“Gamsakhurdia loved his country, but this was not enough at that time in Georgia. He made some big mistakes.”
Natela, pensioner, 76

“He was a brave man and really wanted the best for Georgia, but as a president he was very weak.”
Givi, driver, 57

“I can’t remember him very well; I was very young during his presidency. But I know a lot of people betrayed him and he was killed. As for his influence, no, I don’t think that he had any influence.”
Tako, dancer, 24

“During his presidency there were terrible conditions in Georgia. His appointment as a president was a mistake, because he couldn’t even influence his own people. He was not a politician and neither is his son [opposition politician Konstantin Gamsakhurdia].”
Kakhi, pensioner, 69

“He was a good person but too naive be a president. He lost himself in a political mess and didn’t play the shady political games very well.”
Lili, chemist, 39

“I liked him as a person from a great lineage, but he made many political errors. Under him we had an awful civil war, which he was responsible for.”
Lika, student, 19

“He was a great person. But everyone around him betrayed him. He was a true president of the Georgian people, with a big heart and warm feelings.”
Dodo, medical assistant, 51