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Wednesday, April 2
Georgia to send troops to Afghanistan

Georgia plans to send at least 350 troops to Afghanistan to assist in NATO operations there, Foreign Minister Davit Bakradze told the Reuters news agency.

He said that Georgia has offered to send 120 soldiers to assist French forces in Kabul; 200 to operate alongside the Dutch in the southern province of Uruzgan and to deploy smaller units alongside US forces.

In March last year President Mikheil Saakashvili announced that Georgia would send 100 servicemen to Afghanistan, but none have been deployed yet.

In 2004, 50 Georgian troops were stationed in Afghanistan for 100 days alongside German forces. (Prime News)

Republican Party youth activists rally outside chancellery

The youth wing of the Republican Party staged a protest outside the State Chancellery unfurling a banner reading, “Everyday is April Fools’ Day in Georgia.”

They brought sugar, wheat, flour, apples, and diesel fuel—products they said the government was using to bribe voters in the run-up to parliamentary elections. (Prime News)

Seven state assets auctioned at Economy Ministry

Seven state assets were auctioned off recently, raising more than GEL 5 million for the state budget.

Buildings in Tbilisi, Kobuleti and Mtskheta were sold. The most expensive property was 1071 square meters on Aghmashenebeli Avenue at USD 720 000. (Prime News)

Egyptian court frees Georgians

Thirteen Georgian citizens arrested trying to illegally cross the Egypt-Israel border four days ago have been released.

Giorgi Meskhishvili, the Consul of Georgia to Egypt, confirmed that an Egyptian court fined the Georgians and released them after diplomatic intervention. (Prime News)

Tbilisi–Rustavi bus route opens

The Tbilisi deputy mayor and the Rustavi mayor inaugurated a new public bus route between the capital and the nearby industrial town.

The route will run from Baratashvili Bridge in Tbilisi to the beginning of Rustavi.

“[This route] is especially a great relief for students, as they will travel at a discount and without drawbacks,” Tbilisi deputy Mayor Giorgi Meladze said.

Four buses will run every 20 minutes. (Prime News)

Ugulava presents another majoritarian candidate

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava presented the ruling party candidate for the majoritarian seat in Tbilisi’s Didube-Chughureti district yesterday.

The candidate, Lasha Tughushi is a former ambassador of Georgia to Israel.

Tughushi said he would put to use his experience in Israel, which he said was a country that has overcome poverty and unemployment. (Prime News)

Officials to submit finance declarations

All public officials are obliged to submit declarations their finances by the end of the month, according to the Justice Ministry.

1749 acting officials and 524 retired officials submitted declaration in 2007.

If an official fails to submit a declaration, he or she faces a GEL 4000 fine. (Prime News)

Sulakauri art exhibition opens

An art exhibition displaying around 80 works of Zaal Sulakauri and his pupils opened in the Hob gallery yesterday.

The event is backed by Info-Tbilisi Group and Orgservice LTD and will run until April 6. (Prime News)

Lithuania assists Georgian border guards in K-9 project

Representatives of the Lithuanian border service will give dog handling training for Georgian border police, the Interior Ministry announced.

The project will last one year and is funded by the Lithuanian government.

By the end of the training, dog units will be installed at every customs point in Georgia. (Prime News)