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What will happen at the NATO summit?

Wednesday, April 2
“Nothing special. Everyone treats Georgia like a child, where the parents promise us a lot of sweets but it’s just a promise.”
Nani, Russian teacher, 52

“The summit could be very profitable for Georgia.”
Aleksandre, singer, 23

“I don’t believe anything will save us. I don’t understand why our officials are hopeful. The whole world saw the shameful events of November and that’s enough for them to draw conclusions,”
Shota, doctor, 57

“You shouldn’t ask me but our officials—what are they doing towards this much-talked about integration?!”
Lili, housewife, 55

“Something will surely come out of it. If not now, then they’ll accept us next time.”
Nazi, economist, 33

“I don’t believe our president has done enough to get us in.”
Paata, dentist, 45

“I think the summit will be positive for us.”
Liana, oculist, 57

“I don’t think we’ll get it at this summit. I mean realistically, we know this is the case.”
rakli, journalist, 31

“Nothing good for Georgia. Look, Germany and France said no and I think that’s the answer to your question.”
Nika, cameraman, 29

“The US will not be able to ensure that Georgia and Ukraine get a MAP. All the other major players are against it. So Russia has won, for now.”
Lena, manager, 32