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Who was the worst conqueror in Georgian history?

Thursday, April 3
“I think the Mongols were. They had no tolerance at all, and destroyed everything they could get their hands on. I don’t think they were even human. It was a really difficult period for our country.”
Mariami, bookseller, 53

“Timur the Lame. He even ordered the death of women and children. It’s dreadful to read the history texts about his invasion and the destruction of our children and women. God save us from such a fate in the future.”
Natali, pensioner, 72

“It’s our president. None of the conquerors actually destroyed our national unity. He doesn’t care about our national values and isn’t interested in any national history. The only thing he cares about is NATO and integration with the US and European countries. And where does Georgia, with its unique history and culture, fit in there?!”
Daviti, historian, 50

“It’s Russia. They are the ‘enemy that came in the guise of the beloved relative.’ That’s Russia’s character. Russia is Georgia’s main enemy among plenty of historical enemies, and it’s maintaining its treacherous politics even now.”
Malkhazi, judoist, 27

“It’s Chinese people. They are the most dangerous problem for the entire Georgian nation. It’s the most serious issue in Georgia now, but nobody is paying attention. They purchase forests and fields around Georgia and are going to ‘improve’ our agriculture. Thank you, but go back to where you came from.”
Ilia, psychiatrist, 39

“It’s Shevardnadze. He destroyed all of Georgia. He did his best to root out everything valuable in our country. We managed to stay alive, though sometimes I wonder if Saakashvili is really any better.”
Badri, worker, 33

“Nobody can do worse to Georgia than the Georgian people themselves. I remember Konstantin, the king of Kakheti who grew up in Iran and turned into the most dangerous enemy of his home country.”
Miriani, policeman, 29

“It’s Saakashvili. He is the exact example of the most horrible enemy of Georgia. I am really afraid of him.”
Soso, veterinarian, 59

“It was Putin, who hates Georgia with his whole heart and soul. I am from Metekhi, where Putin grew up. His mother took him to an orphanage, and this is why he hates Georgia and the Georgian people.”
Vakhtang, builder, 55