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Why didn’t Georgia get a MAP from NATO?

Friday, April 4
“Because they decided that Georgia is not really ready for NATO. They saw what happened in November [2007].”
Salome, dentist, 27

“Other countries prevented it, particularly Russia.”
Keti, economist, 26

“America tried its best to support Georgia, but Russia was more powerful. Russia’s word appeared to be more effective then America’s, which is quite surprising.”
Merabi, sportsmen 30

“I can’t understand these political games. The analysts say that if we join NATO, Georgian territory will become a platform for war campaigns. I don’t want that.”
Rolandi, policeman, 28

“Did anyone really expect to get a MAP? Our officials should look through their past political errors and then puzzle out what happened.”
Mamuka, dentist, 55

“We all saw this coming. NATO is worried about things like human rights violations in Georgia. Anyone can see the political crisis here.”
Nino, cashier, 35

“Because our president did his best to stop Georgia from becoming a candidate for NATO membership. He fools himself into thinking that Georgia can get a MAP, but he’s dreaming, as always.”
Temuri, poet, 71

“Please, what are you talking about?! Look at the number of beggars on the streets of Tbilisi and then ask me those high-minded questions.”
Nukri, merchant, 53

“I am very sorry about this. I believe in our president, and I am sure he will manage to get the MAP next time.”
Lili, pensioner, 77