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Will you watch the Georgian Public Broadcaster for election news?

Monday, April 7

“I generally don’t watch this station, it’s really boring. I was watching Mze during the presidential election, and I probably will this time too.”
Tatia, housewife, 33

“I’m not going to watch any election news. I’m not interested.”
Zura, musician, 22

“Maybe I’ll watch it in the evening, but I generally prefer Rustavi 2 or Mze.”
Nato, nurse, 41

“I’ll watch it, because my friend is a journalist there. We all know that Rustavi 2 and even Mze are pro-government; I don’t know why people still prefer those stations to the public broadcaster. Let’s see if the new director general will change something for the better.”
Dali, lecturer, 54

“My family watches it because we don’t have to see Misha [Saakashvili] on the screen all day long.”
Tiko, student, 19

“This station is just boring.”
Temuri, baker, 29

“I don’t think anything will change [under the new director general]. They’ll probably change the names of the programs and leave it at that.”
Madona, psychologist, 37

“Something will surely change. Maybe it won’t be the second BBC, but the station could take steps forward. I hope it becomes a rival to the other stations.”
Mamuka, electrician, 33

“I hope it’ll improve, and they competently cover the elections.”
Nata, PR assistant, 27