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Should the date of Georiga’s independence day be changed from May 26 to April 9?

Thursday, April 10

“I think it must change. If people knew the significance of both dates, they’d want April 9.”
Keti, economist, 26

“I don’t think it’s that important to change the date. What’s important is learning from the meaning of these dates, and applying that to the country’s development.”
Giorgi, businessman, 33

“If we are talking symbolic meaning, May 26 and April 9 have the same meaning. But as for reality, we are from independence.”
Dato, doctor, 41

“I think April 9 should be independence day. I remember the emotion the people carried at the time; that bloody week was the most remarkable days in Georgian history.”
Zaza, driver, 56

“May 26 has its own historic meaning, but I believe a change would be appropriate.”
Lena, teacher, 51

“I don’t see why the date should change. April 9 is associated with blood and tragedy, and I have no desire to celebrate the country’s independence on a day like that.”
Goga, student, 19

“My generation doesn’t remember April 9, but I understand that both dates have much significance. We should celebrate both as days of independence.”
Tamuna, student, 18

“I think both days should be celebrated by the Georgian nation, because they have strongly influenced our lives and futures. But it shouldn’t be merely symbolic—the meaning should be understood and realized by each and every citizen of Georgia.”
Rusudan, doctor, 54