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Georgia hopes for busy tourist season

By M. Alkhazashvili
(Translated by Diana Dundua)
Monday, April 14
Georgia expects some 1.3 million tourists to visit this year, according to Beka Jakeli, a representative of the Department of Tourism and Resorts.

He added that partly due to government efforts abroad to promote Georgia as a tourist destination, largely through international tourism exhibitions, the country is attracting more foreign visitors every year.

Most tourists come from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine and the Baltic states. The most popular destinations in Georgia are the ski resorts of Bakuriani and Gudauri as well as the Black Sea coastal province of Adjara.

“Despite Adjara bordering Turkey, Turkish tourists are still very much interested in the region,” the newspaper 24 Saati quoted Jakeli as saying.

Attracting tourists from elsewhere in the South Caucasus is a key priority of the Adjaran Department of Tourism and Resorts this year, and next month a new television commercial campaign is due start in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Television commercials for Georgia’s resorts have been broadcast in Armenia since 2005; they were first broadcast in Azerbaijan last year, according to Vazha Diasamidze, deputy chair of the Adjaran Department of Tourism and Resorts.

Diasamidze also said television advertisements in Armenia have helped contribute to a steady increase of Armenian tourists in the region.