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Today is Love Day, according to the publisher of a celebrity tabloid for teenagers. What are your plans?

Tuesday, April 15

“I don’t observe this day, I’ve heard that April 15 is a day for celebrating love, but it’s not official. The real love day was on February 14.”
Misha, student, 22

“If you are in love everyday is Love Day! I’m not doing anything special, maybe my husband and I will go to a restaurant if he isn’t busy.”
Tako, secretary, 30

“I will give my beloved flowers and a gift. I know that this is not the real day of love, but as many people celebrate it in Georgia, why shouldn’t I?”
Giorgi, student, 21

“Love Day is not April 15—this day was thought up by some guy, and all Georgians foolishly followed this guy’s idea. I don’t recognize it. Tomorrow is Beso’s Love Day, the inventor of this celebration.”
Keti, economist, 27

“My friends and I don’t recognize this day. Some stupid guy invented it for his wife’s birthday—it’s silly. I prefer February 14, as this has an interesting history, which is a far cry from Beso Chubinidze’s Love Day.”
Jilda, journalist, 32

“I like this day, but I can’t say what I’m going to do. I know that many people don’t take it seriously, but the more love days we have, it will be better for lovers, couples and the nation’s future development.”
Giga, manager, 23

“My plans aren’t very special as I’m not in love with anyone. But I always have a very pleasant mood on this day. We must often remind each other that we exist and that we need love.”
Nani, newspaper editor, 25

“I’m going to buy flowers and a toy bear for my sweetheart. Then we’ll go to the cafe or cinema and spend all day together. I always look forward to this day.”
Andre, office employee, 29

“I’ve bought a new mobile phone for my beloved. I’ll meet her and tell her once again that I love her more than my life and then we’ll decide together where to go.”
Tornike, student, 19