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Do you agree with Moscow’s statement, when announcing a possible end to the trade embargo, that Russia is “sincerely interested in normalizing relations with Georgia”?

Monday, April 21

“It will be great if they really want to resume trade, but it is hardly believable after their recent statements.”
Tiko, painter, 23

“I believe that the embargo will end very soon and we’ll be able to go to Russia without problems and see our relatives and sell our products there… I hope this all happens soon.”
Viola, housewife, 34

“I was very glad to hear Putin’s statement... I think things are about to change.”
Lamara, teacher, 45

“I’ve lost faith. Since my relatives were kicked out of Russia, being forced to leave their luggage behind, I don’t know who I can trust. The Georgian government criticizes and does little else.”
Levani, sportsman, 24

“I believe that something will change for the good, but I don’t know when.”
Khatuna, doctor, 51

“This has happened only after very critical statements from Europe and the US. The embargo should certainly end but I’m not sure that Russia is sincere about doing this.”
Nika, student, 20

“Russia is simply a liar. Russia says one thing and does something else. No one can predict their sly acts.”
Nanuli, sociologist, 55

“Russia will act as it is in their best interests. Russia doesn’t care about Georgia.”
Nata, historian, 35

“I think Russia really wants to normalize relations. Russia needs international sympathy and doesn’t want to worsen relations with any country.”
Juba, student, 19