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Will Speaker of Parliament Nino Burjanadze’s decision not to run for reelection change which party you vote for?

Tuesday, April 22

“It changes nothing for me. I’ll give my vote to [Christian Democratic Party leader Giorgi] Targamadze. It doesn’t matter whether Burjanadze runs or not.”
Manana, housewife, 55

“My decision remains the same. The ruling party makes its calculations, but for ordinary people it changes nothing.”
Paata, laborer, 52

“No, it won’t. I actually think this is a ploy from the ruling party. They’re preparing another surprise for us.”
Natalia, Russian specialist, 27

“I liked this woman as a politician, and I’ll be very sorry if she leaves politics. But I’ll still vote for the ruling party.”
Maiko, housewife, 44

“I don’t understand Misha’s [Saakashvili] politics. He tries to avoid all influential and popular political figures, but why? His chances are hurt by decisions like this. But I like [Foreign Minister Davit] Bakradze too; I’ll vote for him.”
Otiko, student, 20

“Her statements don’t matter to me. I’m not going to vote for Saakashvili’s party.”
Guram, pensioner, 70

“I’m very sorry about this, I didn’t want her to leave the government. Maybe she’s been offered a better post. But I haven’t changed my mind—I’ll still vote for the National Movement [ruling party].”
Nata, nurse, 34

“No, it won’t change my decision. But I want to say that she was the best female politician in Georgian history: very intelligent. I can’t understand why she did this just before the parliamentary elections, when her party needs her so much.”
Irakli, economist, 27

“I haven’t decided yet.”
Tika, student, 22