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Should the opposition accept President Mikheil Saakashvili’s offer to cooperate in the face of external threats?

Friday, April 25

“Yes, they should accept it, because they are also Georgians and if Georgia stands together we will be stronger. When the situation is very serious, we should forget all political spats.”
Gaga, banker, 30

“I’m really very disturbed by what’s happening: it doesn’t matter now who is opposition and who is government. Our country needs everyone, no matter their political orientation. I really want the opposition to realize this.”
Magda, architect, 28

“Yes, of course, I welcome Misha’s [Saakashvili] offer.”
Naniko, student, 20

“The opposition do not need this offer, because they know better than Saakashvili how to deal with the conflict zones. It’s better for Saakashvili to resign, and then we’ll get back our territories.”
Eka, housewife, 46

“The opposition themselves have always said they’ll stick with the Saakashvili administration when it’s a question of national security. So, of course they should accept this offer.”
Miranda, cashier, 39

“Even wolves work together when they see a common enemy. After having taken care of the enemy, they begin to eat each other. Both sides must employ their insightfulness and cooperate constructively.”
Tamazi, hunter, 52

“I think Saakashvili is just continuing to play with the opposition. He never cares about their positions, ideas or advice. It’s his usual tricks.”
Merabi, driver, 25

“Of course the opposition should stand together with the government to face the country’s threats. The country cannot be of divided opinion in this situation.”
Liza, journalist, 26

“I think the opposition and the government are of the same opinion when it comes to Abkhazia. They should stand together—this is the only way we’ll be strong.”
Irakli, student, 20