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Would you be happy if Abkhazia had “unlimited autonomy” within Georgia, as the president has offered?

Wednesday, April 30

“I would be happy with Abkhazia within Georgia with any status, except that of a federation.”
Misha, economist, 28

“I don’t think they deserve any kind of autonomy, but if they agree, let them have it.”
ura, student, 20

“I would be very glad if they agree to this offer, because we’ll regain our territories in a peaceful way.”
Maiko, housewife, 44

“Yes, I would be happy, but on the other hand I think if they reintegrate with Georgia, we’ll have lots of Russian spies here, and it will be easier for Moscow to interfere with our internal affairs.”
Giga, banker, 23

“Sure! I hardly imagine that [Abkhaz de facto president Sergey] Bagapsh prefers to be Russia’s slave over having a high-ranking position in the Georgian government. But he does not dare to say this, because of his ‘good friends.’”
Lali, teacher, 39

“It’s awful when we have to make concessions like this, but when there is no way out, we must agree.”
Guliko, housewife, 51

“I prefer anything that’s not war. We must maintain peace, whatever we must pay for it.”
Luiza, pensioner, 72

“Yes, there is no other way.”
Tornike, soccer player, 19

“If they ask me, I don’t agree—but they have to decide, not me. The only thing I know is that no one other than our young generation of little boys wants a bloody battle. God save us!”
Marina, journalist, 38