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Is there anti-Semitism in Georgia?

Friday, May 2

“Of course not. We respect Jewish people, everyone knows that.”
Maka, secretary, 29

“No, not in Georgia. I have never heard any Georgian being against Jewish people, their religion or Israel itself.”
Nika, musician, 32

“No. I appreciate them, because they are very smart and clever people.”
Zura, student, 20

“My best friend is Jewish; I can say that they are a very friendly and kind people. She was so sad about what happened in Batumi, and me too. It should be investigated soon, because our enemies are trying to strain the situation between us.”
Keti, lecturer, 36

“Despite our different religion and culture, Georgia and Israel have never had problems with each other.”
Nona, housewife, 52

“In almost in every country there is aggression towards Jewish people. In Georgia it’s not so obvious, but if you remember the businessman [Badri] Patarkatsishvili was also a Jew, and many people did not like him because of this.”
Liana, pensioner, 68

“No, I don’t think that is anti-Semitism in Georgia. Maybe there are people who don’t like Jews, but they don’t hate them.”
Beka, basketballer, 21

“I think Georgia is the only country where Jewish people are praised and respected. No one here is anti-Semitic.”
Guram, painter, 34