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Tuesday, May 6

Georgia withdraws from air defence treaty with Russia

Georgia has withdrawn from an anti-air defense cooperation treaty with Russia, the Foreign Ministry announced yesterday.

A Russian consul was summoned to the ministry and given a note informing Russia of the decision.

The treaty was signed by the defense ministries of Georgia and Russia in 1995.

Foreign Ministry calls on UN to investigate Abkhaz air defense systems

The Foreign Ministry called on the UN to investigate Abkhaz air defense systems yesterday, a day after de facto authorities claimed to have downed two more Georgian spy planes in the breakaway region.

Georgia denied the allegations. The Foreign Ministry addressed Jean Arnault, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Georgia, urging Arnault and the UN Observer Mission in Georgia to immediately investigate the Abkhaz side’s air defense capabilities.

Georgia claims that a Russian MiG-29 shot down one of its drones on April 20. Russia and de facto Abkhaz authorities claim separatists downed the aircraft.
(Prime News)

Davitashvili demands charges be brought against Tsalenjikha Police

Koba Davitashvili, the opposition coalition’s majoritarian MP candidate in Zugdidi district, is demanding charges be brought against the police in the town of Tsalenjikha after they detained David Belkania, the head of Davitashvili’s campaign headquarters.

Belkania was detained on May 4 and asked to undergo a drug test.

Davitashvili claims that Belkania underwent drug tests on November 7 and January 7, and that the police have no right to conduct tests more than once every six months.
(Prime News)

International experts complete investigation into Georgia drone incident

A group of international experts have completed an investigation into the April 20 downing of a Georgian surveillance drone over the breakaway region of Abkhazia.

Their findings will be released soon, the Defense Ministry said, while another group of experts began a separate investigation into the same incident yesterday.

The Georgian air force has already released video footage that it says came from the downed spy drone. The video, filmed from a plane flying above a coastline, shows what Georgian officials say was a Russian MiG-29 destroying the filming aircraft.

Tbilisi also claims to have radar evidence that proves the drone was downed by a Russian aircraft.

Russian and Abkhaz officials claim the drone was downed by Abkhaz forces.
(Prime News)

McDonald’s hosts children from poor families

McDonald’s fast food restaurant hosted children from poor families as part of Red Cross Week. Over 50 children visited the restaurant and received gifts.
(Prime News)

Giorgi Targamadze visits Sighnaghi

Giorgi Targamadze, the leader of the recently-formed Christian-Democratic Movement, met with voters in Sighnaghi yesterday.

Among the issues they discussed were pensions, healthcare and education.
(Prime News)

Georgian-Israeli friendship alley to open

The Georgian-Israeli friendship alley will open in Tbilisi this week, marking the 60th anniversary of the formation of Israel.

A week-long celebration will begin on May 8 with a gala.
(Prime News)

Minsk-Batumi flights begin

The first Minsk-Batumi flight landed at Batumi International Airport yesterday.

The Adjaran Tourism and Resorts department said the first flight brought representatives of Belarusian tourist companies and municipal tourism departments in Belarus.

The representatives will be given a tour of the region.
(Prime News)