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Is Eka Tkeshelashvili a good choice for foreign minister?

Tuesday, May 6
“Well, she is a very energetic woman and I think she will be successful in her new post. But to tell the truth, [ex-foreign minister] Gela Bezhuashvili was the best. He was perfect at his job.”
Mariam, teacher, 37

“No, I don’t understand what she’s doing in the Foreign Ministry after leading the Prosecutor General’s Office. Bakradze had very good and professional deputies—any of them would have been a better minister.”
Keti, student, 22

“She seems very smart, but not in foreign affairs. Georgia needs a more professional diplomat for foreign affairs, especially in this period. I don’t think she’ll last long in the job. I liked Bakradze a lot—he was very intelligent. I’d be happy if he becomes our speaker of parliament, and then president. After Misha [Saakashvili], of course.”
Gaga, accountant, 28

“Does it make a difference?”
Natalia, pensioner, 77

“How are we supposed to believe that the same person can be any kind of minister? All one has to do is get into the ruling majority, and then he will take turns at all the high-profile posts.”
Marina, kindergarten teacher, 53

“Eka Tkeshelashvili is the prime example of how a minister—or even a person—shouldn’t be. She is arrogant without reason.”
Manana, lawyer, 33

“I think we’ll miss Bezhuashvili soon. But let’s see, maybe she won’t be so bad.”
Avtandil, 28, bartender

“This is ridiculous—this person shouldn’t be appointed as the foreign minister in such a hard time for Georgia.”
Misha, painter, 30

“Eka Tkeshelashvili is not a diplomat. I can’t imagine her standing next Lavrov or Rice.”
Gennadi, unemployed, 42