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Will Medvedev be better for Georgia?

Thursday, May 8
“A human being lives in hope…I think something will change for the better. Surely he’ll be a little better than Putin?”
Makvala, dentist, 55

“Generally change is good, but I don’t think the Russian people will ever be good towards Georgians. I don’t believe them.”
Nina, student, 19 “I think he’ll bear in mind his predecessor’s mistakes. But our president must also make concessions. Russia is our neighbor and culturally the closest to us. Our government must always do their best to maintain good, friendly, neighborly relationships with this country.”
Iuri, farmer, 59

“Putin was very aggressive towards Georgia and I think his heir will be the same.”
ino, doctor, 36

“He is more pleasant than Putin from a human aspect. However, I am sure he won’t do anything that Putin does not approve of.”
Irakli, student, 21

“He won’t be better for Georgia, as Putin will still be the Tsar of Russia. Medvedev is just a puppet.”
Lili, accountant, 37

“He seems nicer than Putin and I really want to hope he makes changes in relations with Georgia. But don’t forget Putin will be prime minister.”
Eka, artist, 25

“I think Medvedev will have the same policy as Putin, because not much will be different: Putin will still lead Russian politics.”
Ana, linguist, 31

“I don’t think anyone can be worse than Putin. I hope he’ll be better, he seems like a nice guy.”
Nanuli, pensioner, 63