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Is drug addiction a disease or a habit?

Tuesday, May 13
It depends. In the beginning its a habit, then its an incurable disease. But on the whole, its a habit, a cruel habit.
Nugzari, historian, 29

Its a disease, of course. They are the most piteous people one could ever meet. But if one really wants to, I dont think its impossible to kick it.
Nanuka, dancer, 22

Its a habit. It must be severely punished. Otherwise, we cant stop people becoming addicted to drugs. Its the only way out of the problem.
Natia, doctor, 53

A disease! Drug-addicted people need very serious medical treatment. Drugs destroy human beings.
Ani, student, 20

Drug addiction is a disease. I have neighbors who are drug users. They themselves say we are sick, because they cant stop using it.
Irakli, sailor, 22

Its a disease, because indulging in a habit is something that depends on your mood. You may want to use drugs when you are in a bad mood or have serious problems, but using every day and permanentlythat is not a habit.
Rati, economist, 32

Yes, its a disease, but not only a human disease. Its a societal disease. With the physical curing of a drug addict, the factors leading to drug use should be removed, too.
Keti, journalist, 37

Its a disease, one of the most deadly diseases.
Roma, sportsman, 27

Its neither. Its just an action a human chooses to do. Its something he likes to do despite being dangerous. Human beings have the right to freedom of choice.
Tamar, secretary, 21