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Which party’s campaign slogan do you like the most?

Wednesday, May 14
“I don’t know every slogan—there are so many—but since I support the government, I like ‘Action, not words!’ That is what the Georgian people need.”
Tako, student, 22

“The slogan I like most is ‘Action, not words.’ It would be great if politicians here actually did that, and not talk for half an hour about how great they are. However, I don't believe that the party which uses this slogan will actually do what they are promising.”
Giorgi, reporter, 25

“I like the Republicans’ slogan, and agree with them that we should elect a wise government so we don’t repeat the big mistakes the current administration made.”
Manana, housewife, 39

“‘Action, not words,’ is the best.”
Gega, banker, 24

“I agree with [Christian Democratic Party leader Giorgi] Targamadze—‘It’s time to make changes.’”
Nanuka, student, 19

“I don’t care about their slogans at all. This isn’t what people should be interested in. What matters is the work they will do.”
Rusudani, lecturer, 57

“The authorities say ‘Action, not words.’ Yes, the government gets things done, but are they good things?!”
Nia, student, 21

“I don’t care about their slogans. They all have the same pseudo-patriotic phrases and words, and that’s boring and false.”
Nika, office manager, 37