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Prepared by Diana Dundua
Thursday, May 15

“Guguli Magradze: The National Movement is afraid it will not have a majority in the new parliament!”

The leader of the newly-formed Women’s Party, a ruling party defector named Guguli Maghradze, says that the ruling party’s offer of dialogue with the opposition is a signal it is going to lose the elections next week, according to Akhali Taoba:

According to her, in the National Movement is now afraid it will not be able to hold a majority in the new parliament.

“The authorities make suggestions like this when they think it will be profitable for them. It failed to influence the people, and now it offers to be constructive with the opposition spectrum. The National Movement should know what it deserves from the people, and it must not demand too much,” Guguli Magradze stated.

“Davit Usupashvili: If we win the elections, the post of governor will be abolished!”

Rezonansi reports Republican leader Davit Usupashvili was in the eastern district of Lagodekhi this week for campaigning, where he promised to get rid of the president-appointed governor’s posts and create stronger local government:

[At the event] Usupashvili said the party would solve all problems in the district.

“Kakheti as an administrative unit does not exist. President Saakashvili has his representative in the region, which answers to him and not to the people. Thus, if we come to lead the state on the basis of constitutional reform, we will define Kakheti’s status so it will have its own electoral body. Representatives from all its districts will be elected to a Kakheti Council, and they will see to solving the problems here,” Usupashvili stated.

“Social House opens in Tbilisi”

Akhali Taoba reports that a “Social House,” funded by companies linked to a ruling party candidate for parliament, opened in the capital:

The organization’s intent is to deliver various kinds of service to the people. In branch offices of the Social House, inhabitants will be offered banking services, health insurance, free walk-in treatment and discounts at the pharmaceutical chain People’s Pharmacy.

According to the director general of the Social House, Tea Akhaladze, a People’s Bank, People’s Insurance, People’s Pharmacy and the walk-in clinic will be in the building.

“People who are disabled, and cannot reach the branch offices of the center, can call 55 55 05 and they will be served in their homes,” Akhaladze said.

The [ruling] National Movement’s majoritarian MP candidate from Isani district, Giorgi Goguadze, said the People’s Bank and the People’s Pharmacy were behind the project.

“This will give opportunity to people to receive free medical treatment. In the near future four similar houses will be opened in Isani,” Goguadze stated.

It is planned to open at least 50 Social Houses all over Georgia by the end of the year.

“Two Georgian citizens arrested at Egypt-Israel border”

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that two Georgian citizens, a man and a woman, were detained on the Egypt-Israel for allegedly trying to illegally cross the border:

Currently they are in the prison in Egypt.

According to the Georgian Ambassador to Egypt and Syria, Giorgi Janjgava, despite the Georgian administration’s warnings to its citizens not to cross borders illegally, they still act like this.

“This behavior is very dangerous for them and they must understand this,” Janjgava stated.

At the request of the detained citizens, Georgia will send representatives to try and arrange their release.

Reportedly, a month ago 13 Georgian citizens were arrested for illegally crossing the Egypt-Israel border, but later with the efforts of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs all were released.