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What would be the consequences of Russia opening military bases in Abkhazia?

Thursday, May 15
“Then NATO would open military bases in Georgia, and this will bring things close to war.”
Rati, student, 20

“It will be a casus belli.”
Misha, economist, 30

“We will lose Abkhazia. If they open military bases there, it will become part of Russia.”
Meri, teacher, 37

“I don’t know. Georgia will have to choose between war and losing the territory. I’m sure we won’t be able to let it go, so I suppose there will be a war.”
Temo, banker, 24

“Oh, how I hate Russia! They are devils! They’re responsible for what happens here; they will be responsible for the lives of our soldiers if there is a war.”
Tamar, housewife, 48

“With the opening of the bases, [Russians] will just take our territory and we won’t be able to stop it.”
Irakli, IT specialist, 23

“We shouldn’t let them do it, because things will become very tense in Abkhazia.”
Manana, cook, 51

“Well, the annexation of Abkhazia began a long time ago. Now it’s the time for the logical conclusion.”
Nodari, musician, 34