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Will the opposition and the National Movement be able to work together after the election?

Friday, May 16
“I don’t think they’ll cooperate; the opposition will say the elections were rigged again.”
Vladimir, painter, 43

“They have no choice, the ruling party will win a majority in parliament and the opposition will have to cooperate.”
Davit, student, 19

“Yes, probably, after the elections the government will be more moderate and consider some of the opposition’s demands.”
Manana, pensioner, 67

“Well, it is very difficult to say, but I’m pretty sure the [nine-party opposition coalition] won’t cooperate with the National Movement.”
Maiko, housewife, 44

“There’ll be so many disturbances I just don’t know, it is better to work together—we really don’t want another revolution.”
Irakli, student, 22

“Yes of course, the opposition says they have nothing to negotiate with the government but I’m sure they will be able to work together. But I want to point out it’ll be more difficult now because the ruling party has lost [Parliamentary Speaker Nino] Burjanadze, who was the initiator of many meetings with the opposition.”
Nika, banker, 26

“No way! Can you put fire together with a haystack?”
Sandro, footballer, 22

“Not a chance. They are trying to erase each other from history.”
Nino, doctor, 35

“It depends on who wins.”
Mamuka, lawyer, 29