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Will you vote today?

Wednesday, May 21
Ill definitely vote. This is one of those days when I feel like Im a person with some rights, and that those rights matter. Maybe my vote wont count at all, but I still feel responsible to go and declare my will.
Bakuri, chauffeur, 51

Im sick and tired of these lies and these facades of elections. Does it really make a difference whether or not I go? In the end, the result is the same: the government wins a majority.
Leri, pensioner, 71

Ill go and vote for the United Opposition. I know, maybe its the wrong choices, but I really feel that they worry about our country and are not as cold-hearted as our officials.
Nana, chemistry teacher, 38

Yes, of course I will go and vote. I cant tell you who Im voting for, but Im sure there will be lots of changes after the elections.
Nana, housewife, 40

I would go if it had any effect on the results, but nothing will change and thats why I never vote. I dont trust any politicians. They talk and talk with no results.
Nodar, pensioner, 69

I will go and vote for Mishas [Saakashvili] party. Georgia has never had such an active and intelligent president, and Im sure he knows best. The [ruling] National Movement will win the elections.
Keti, student, 20

I dont want to tell you if Im voting or not, and I dont want to tell you who Im voting for. Write down that I havent decided on anything yet.
Giorgi, distributor, 27

There is no sense in going to the elections. They [the National Movement] will still announce the results that they prefer.
Lamara, secretary, 37

I will go and vote for the National Movement, as I always do. I cant say that I love them, but theyre still better than the others.
Soso, technical equipment repairer, 26