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Do you think the opposition’s plans for an ‘alternative government’ is a good idea?

Thursday, May 29
“Our officials don’t give them any choice. It wouldn’t be pleasant, but is there another way?”
Nazi, cook, 55

“No! They must do anything but this. The government has the power and can use it as they did on November 7. If there is a confrontation, they will not spare people’s lives.”
Nugzari, eye specialist, 29

“I don’t think it necessarily means bloody confrontation. May be it has risks, but any opposition rally is risky after November 7.”
Paata, street vendor, 71

“It isn’t a good idea, but is storming into parliament when it sits next month a better one? I don’t know what is good and what is bad. I just hope God will save us from any reckless confrontation.”
Galina, vet, 53

“I don’t understand what it means and am not interested in it at all. The only thing I want to see is peace on Tbilisi’s streets. The people are already exhausted from standing outside begging for officials’ attention. The same things are happening over and over again. Let us live peacefully.”
Elene, pensioner, 78

“Yes, I agree with anything that will stop this government from doing anything they want to.”
Irakli, lawyer, 28

“There is nothing wrong with the idea. I am not sure how they will do it, though. Convene in another place and make some decisions? That seems a bit phony to me.”
Lela, doctor, 48

“The people of Georgia went to vote and elected one parliament. Who elected the alternative parliament? Every political group can call themselves a “parliament.” Nothing will change. We elected one and that’s it.”
Nona, kindergarten teacher, 50

“I don’t know. The politicians probably know better than us about political struggle. So maybe it’s a good idea.”
Gocha, unemployed, 30