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Has the Central Election Commission been doing a good job?

Friday, May 30
“Every sensible person knows what they are doing. They do what our officials tell them to do. I don’t believe them at all.”
Nika, athlete, 23

“Yes, it is doing a good job. But it does everything to favor our officials. I don’t trust them.”
Nukri, economist, 20

“Yes, they do a good job. They have to answer to all the allegations made by the opposition and they also have to answer to the government, so they have double pressure.”
Leri, pensioner, 73

“No! They are simply liars. They lie to the people. But I understand, they are employees, they have families and need a job.”
nano, dentist, 37

“Yes, they do a great job. But nobody appreciates it. The main thing is whether they are doing their job fairly. I don’t think they are.”
Goderdzi, builder, 57

“I don’t know what they are doing… They must be counting votes, I suppose. In which case, they’re doing an awful job.”
Gela, manager, 31

“From what I see on TV, they are doing quite well. But what do I know? I’ve never been there.”
Natalia, hair stylist, 44

“What a question. How do I know? Do you know? Call them and ask.”
Tamaz, pensioner, 80

“I think they’re doing okay. They respond to allegations, they manage complaints, they count votes, their website is up-to-date. I think they’re professional.”
Giorgi, IT manager, 26