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Monday, June 2
Opposition activists attacked

Republican Party member Ramin Abuladze was reportedly beaten by masked strangers on May 30. He has accused Giorgi Tatishvili, incoming ruling party majoritarian MP in Gori, of organizing the attack.

Abuladze said he recognized the car his assailants were driving, which he said belongs the local police.

Two other attacks on opposition activists reportedly took place in Tbilisi.
(Prime News)

Former Patarkatsishvili campaign workers demand payment

Former workers at the election headquarters of late Georgian billionaire and presidential candidate Badri Patarkatsishvili are demanding his estate pay them wages in arrears.

“Patarkatsishvili’s family is categorically against paying us our wages, they do not give us any way to settle the problem. First we will hold street rallies and after this we will take more radical measures,” the workers said at a press conference on May 30.

They said over 40 000 people worked on Patarkatsishvili’s campaign across the country.
(Black Sea Press)

Top ten ruling party MPs to visit regions

The ten members of the ruling National Movement who topped the party list in the parliamentary elections will visit Georgia’s provinces.

Some will meet go to Liakhvi Gorge, Kaspi and Mtskheta and others will visit Kashuri, Kareli, and Gori.
(Prime News)

Georgian kidnapped in conflict zone

A Georgian citizen from Nabakevi village in southern Abkhazia’s Gali district has reportedly been kidnapped.

The family of Arkipo Gamsakhurdia, 55, say the gunmen that took him were Abkhaz militiamen and are demanding USD 30 000 for his safe return.
(Prime News)

Wilton Park Conference opens in Tbilisi

A Wilton Park conference on the European Union and the Black Sea Neighborhood opens at the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel today and will run until June 4.

Wilton Park is a British government agency funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office that organizes international conferences.

Foreign Minister Eka Tkeshelashvili and EU envoy to the region Peter Semneby are among the scheduled speakers.
(Black Sea Press)