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Are you worried by the Russian deployment of rail engineers?

Monday, June 2
“Yes, I get worried when I see these images on TV. What do they want? I am scared. I hate even watching the news.”
Manana, cook, 55

“When I watch this I burst into tears. I’d rather die than see a war start.”
Lili, chemist, 72

“It’s awful. I don’t understand why they do this. Why do they want war? If the presidents want something, let them fight with each other, but leave us out of it.”
Miriani, policeman, 32

“I am used to this unfairness—the Russians do this sort of thing to us all the time. One day we will be avenged.”
Luka, research fellow, 30

“Yes, I am. They do not have the right do to that, and I hope the situation will not worsen in future weeks. Peace is all I want.”
Marina, optician, 44

“The Russians would not dare start a war there. I’m not worried.”
Rati, student, 22

“Russians think that they can do all they want in Abkhazia. That should stop.”
Jaba, driver, 49

“Every week something bad happens in Abkhazia. I think we are really close to a boiling point in the conflict.”
Otari, photographer, 28

“I’m very worried about this. I think it’s too much now, the government has to do something—things can’t continue this way anymore.”
Soso, IT specialist, 24