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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Tuesday, June 3
“Are Republicans going to take part in picketing parliament?”

In an interview with Mteli Kvira, Republican member Ivliane Khaindrava suggested the Republicans will not join other opposition parties outside parliament to prevent it from convening its first session:

“If you don’t acknowledge the legitimacy of this parliament, who are you going to picket? On the other hand, I think that it is very risky to block parliament and we would never take a step that would endanger our citizens’ life and health. That’s why we are not going to join them, however, if something happens and our supporters are in danger we will stand next to them,” Khaindrava said.

He also did not rule out a repeat of November 7 [when police violently dispersed anti-government protestors] although he added that everyone has the right to protest as long as they do so peacefully.

“Joseph Kay killed Patarkatsishvili”

Kviris Palitra writes that Labor leader Shalva Natelashvili claims to have information that implicates Joseph Kay in the death of Georgian billionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili.

Patarkatsishvili died in his English mansion in February, with doctors suggesting heart disease was to blame. Joseph Kay now claims ownership rights to Patarkatsishvili’s assets:

“A court case should be taken out against Joseph Kay. I can say that Patarkatsishvili’s friends are suspicious of him. Badri did not suffer from heart disease. Kay had contacts in foreign governments and they colluded to kill him,” Natelashvili said.

“Journalists for journalists”

Mteli Kvira reports that journalists are planning to set up an organization to defend freedom of the press:

The idea for the organization was the initiative of Mamuka Glonti in the Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office.

About 50 journalists gathered there and discussed the problems they encounter in their field.

They agreed that it is necessary to stand together to tackle their problems.

“The Ministry of Justice and Prosecutor General’s Office to be united”

Akhali Taoba reports that officials are discussing reconfigurations of some state bodies:

Discussions are underway on the possible merging of the Justice Ministry and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The two will reportedly merge in September. It is not known who will head the new body.

There are also reports that a Security Ministry may be created.