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Thursday, June 5
Ukraine ready to send peacekeepers to Abkhazia

Ukraine is ready to carry out peacekeeping operations in Georgia, Ukraine Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov said yesterday in Tbilisi.

“If Ukrainian leadership make the political decision, our army is ready to fulfill tasks set and take part in peacekeeping operations in Abkhazia, said Yekhanurov, who was due to meet President Mikheil Saakashvili yesterday.

“Ukraine has a lot of experience in peacekeeping mission,” he added.

“Ukraine is a friend which supports Georgia at a critical time. We talked about deepening cooperation between our two countries and I hope that Ukraine will continue to assist Georgia in the future,” said Georgian Defense Minister Davit Kezerashvili. (Prime News / Interfax)

24-hr marriage service goes into operation in Sighnaghi

The round-the-clock marriage registry office in Sighnaghi conducted 33 ceremonies last month, according to the Justice Ministry.

Foreign citizens as well as Georgians have used the service.

Couples in need of a speedy marriage must contact the registry office with at least an hour’s notice, on the telephone number 8 95 24 77 77.

The state administration fee is GEL 9 and it costs a further GEL 50 for the service.

The registry is located on 10 Kostava Street.

Sighnaghi, dubbed Georgia’s “Museum City” after extensive rehabilitation work was completed last year, is now known to some as the “City of Love.” (Prime News)

Training course launched for probation officers

The Training Center for Penitentiary and Probation Service of the Justice Ministry launched a training course for probation officers.

The course is supported by the EU Commission’s Penitentiary and Probation Reform Project.

Two representatives of the Swedish Prison Service are conducting the course. It will finish on June 13. (Prime News)

Association of Defense Attaches holds reception

The Association of Defense Attaches held an annual reception at the Merab Berdzenishvili Centre of the International Culture.

Representatives of 16 countries attended the event.

The association was set up in 1999 with the aim of strengthening cooperation between Georgia and its partner countries in the fields of security and defense.

The first reception was held last year.

Association Chairman, the Military Attache of Ukraine to Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Nikitishin gave a speech at the event.

“The main goal of the reception is to give another opportunity for foreign attaches to meet representatives of the Georgian Armed Forces and to discuss various issues in an informal situation. And once again we would like to express our active support of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration path.” (Prime News)

ally outside Georgian Embassy in Moscow

A rally was staged outside the Georgian Embassy in Moscow yesterday, in support of the separatist regimes on Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Demonstrators also said they objected to Georgia’s NATO bid. (Prime News)

New bus route launched in Avchala

A new bus route in Avchala district was launched by Tbilisi City Mayor Gigi Ugulava.

“Due to the absence of a metro station, bus routes are a priority in this district. We continue to launch new routes, and last year 500 new buses were added to Tbilisi’s municipal transport system. New routes are launched daily in order to connect all Tbilisi districts with each other,” the mayor said. (Prime News)