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Should Georgia withdraw its soldiers from Iraq?

Friday, June 6
“Yes, definitely. There’s no sense to this war and no sense in wasting our soldiers.”
Nino, student, 20

“Yes. It’s not our war, we didn’t start it, so why should our boys get killed?”
Mariam, housewife, 36

“It’s the soldier’s job. It’s risky, but we help Americans and then they help us.”
Nodari, shop seller, 52

“Yes, of course. We aren’t Chinese. We are Georgians, and we don’t have people to lose.”
Luba, pharmacist, 45

“I know. It’s our country’s international duty, but the casualties are increasing and it scares me. I can’t say we should definitely leave, but I’d like us to.”
Vaja, driver, 50

“Of course. Almost all the other countries have withdrawn their peacekeepers. Why shouldn’t we?”
Amirani, builder, 39

“Definitely. They’re in a very dangerous situation—already three brave Georgian men have been killed. It’s terrible! We don’t have enough people to lose soldiers for America.”
Tako, student, 22

“Not just Georgia, but the USA should withdraw its soldiers. The war is good for no one. Georgian soldiers are being killed there, and more American ones, so isn’t it time to stop the war?”
Rati, student, 19

“Georgia is obliged to send our soldiers there and everyone knows why.”
Misha, economist, 28