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Which team are you supporting in Euro 2008?

Wednesday, June 11
“Italy. They are the World Champions and, of course, the best team in Europe. They will win.”
Oto, student, 19

“I don’t care. I supported Georgia, but of course we didn’t make it there. So now I don’t care.”
Giorgi, shop assistant, 26

“Germany, of course. They are the favorites and they will crush everyone. There’s a saying—football is the game that 22 players play and the Germans always win.”
Guga, manager, 33

“I hate football. My grandchildren, I think, support Italy. But I don’t remember exactly.”
Liana, retiree, 73

“I support France, they really deserve a victory.”
Ilia, bartender, 30

“I support both Russia and Italy, but I think Italy will end up on top. It’s a pity that Georgia didn’t make it through the qualifiers.”
Temur, bank manager, 27

“I hate football. I might have been interested if Georgia made it in, but now I have more important things to do.”
Keti, hotel administrator, 38

“I really like the Czech team. I want them to win because they have the best beer in the world.”
Irakli, system administrator, 22

“The Italians. I always support Italy in any championship.”
Diko, student, 19

“I am the fan of Germans—they will win, I’m absolutely sure of it!”
Alexandre, graphics designer, 26