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Monday, June 16
AWOL peacekeeper found

A Russian peacekeeper who went absent without leave last week has been found near Poti port.

The peacekeeper, who went missing from the checkpoint at which he was based in the village of Chuburkhinji, was found by local residents.

He was reportedly attempting suicide when he was discovered and was taken to a military hospital.

Vladimir Rogozin, a commander of the Russian peacekeeping forces, said the soldier will be dismissed from peacekeeping forces.
(Prime News)

Education Ministry denies Georgian language exams will be scrapped

The Education Ministry has released a statement denying that the Georgian language university entrance exam will be scrapped.

“Media sources have been disseminating rumors of the possible withdrawal by the Education Ministry of the Georgian language exam from the list of mandatory subjects during the Unified National Examinations. Those rumors are groundless,” the statement reads.

It also says that the ministry holds regular consultations on improving the national exam system to make it fairer and more transparent.

“The Ministry firmly states that the issue of possible abolition of Georgian Language as a mandatory subject or reduction of its status at the Unified National Examinations has not been considered,” it adds.
(Black Sea Press)

Student film contest announced

The film studio Independent Movie Project has announced a student film contest.

Students of cinematography department of any institute can take part and must submit a short lasting between 5 and 20 minutes.

In the second round students are required to present a script. The winner will have the opportunity to shoot a short film professionally and the jury will be composed of well known cinematographers.

Entries must be submitted by July 5.
(Prime News)