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What’s your view on the burglary of the museum of famous Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze?

Tuesday, June 17
“It is really horrible. How could this happen? It is sacrilege and nothing less.”
Manana, dentist, 35

“I can’t believe it. Why do people do such things? Yes. I understand that they will get a lot of money for antiques, but how could someone do this for money? I’ll never understand.”
Nino, teacher, 53

“It is the worst thing I could possibly hear. It’s awful. Galaktion Tabidze is like a saint for the Georgian people. Whoever did this must be punished very harshly.”
Matsatso, philologist, 27

“It doesn’t surprise me—nowadays people don’t care about anything, I’ve heard about stealing from churches, then Olympic medals and now Galaktion’s museum.”
Giorgi, technician, 45

“I see no sense in this robbery, what will they do with all his things? Who will buy them here, or even abroad?”
Dato, student, 23

“Well I haven’t heard about that yet but if it’s true, it’s terrible.”
Keti, secretary, 27

“It is amazing. Georgians are destroying their own cultural wealth. If it was a Georgian who did this, it’s shameful.”
Natalia, housewife, 55

“It’s awful to hear, but we shouldn’t be surprised. We’re the people who killed Ilia Chavchavadze. I felt really bad when I heard the news.”
Nana, journalist, 25

“I hope the thieves are caught soon, but I doubt our police are efficient enough.”
Lado, student, 20