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Wednesday, June 18
IDPs protest outside ministry

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in Tbilisi’s Nadzaladevi district rallied outside the Refugees Ministry yesterday, demanding permanent accommodation.

They said that 140 IDP families who had been living in the Physics Institute were prevented from entering the building.

The rally dispersed after officials promised them accommodation in other state-owned buildings. (Prime News)

Antipersonnel mines found near Tbilisi

Road workers discovered antipersonnel mines and shells near the Defense Ministry Training Center in Kojori, near Tbilisi.

“A large number of anti-personnel mines, shells and other explosive devices of Russian production have been found. They were not active and not dangerous,” a statement from the Defense Ministry reads. (Black Sea Press)

Memorial evening dedicated to Salome Kancheli

An evening dedicated to the memory of well-known Georgian actress Salome Kancheli (1921–1985) was held at Shota Rustaveli State Theater yesterday.

Kancheli worked at the Rustaveli State Theater in her final years. Figures from Georgia’s theater and film industries participated in the event, which included a photograph exhibition documenting the life and work of the actress.

The event was organized with assistance from Tbilisi City Hall and the Culture Ministry. A number of companies sponsored the event. (Prime News)

Foreign Minister leaves for Brussels, State Minister for Rome

Foreign Minister Eka Tkeshelashvili left for Brussels yesterday where she will participate in a session of the Euro-Atlantic council today.

She is also due to take part in an international conference on global security on June 20–22 before travelling to Poland for a meeting of the New Group of Friends of Georgia on June 25.

Meanwhile Giorgi Baramidze, State Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration, left for Rome yesterday, where he will participate in an international conference on global security.

On June 20 Baramidze will speak on the Georgia’s prospective role in European security.

He will also meet with Italian officials and NGO representatives. (Prime News)

German-Georgian business forum to be held in Frankfurt

A German-Georgian business forum organized by the Georgian National Investment Agency (GNIA) will be held in Frankfurt.

Economic Development Minister Eka Sharashidze, Energy Minister Aleksandre Khetaguri and GNIA head Tamar Liluashvili will all take part in the forum.

Energy Minister Khetaguri will speak about investment in the energy sector. Georgia’s transport sector will also be discussed at the event. (Prime News)

European Commission delegation summarizes project results

Yesterday a European Commission delegation to Georgia headed by Per Eklund and Georgian Agriculture Minister Bakur Kvezereli presented a summary of the results of three EU-backed projects which aim to reduce poverty and promote rural development in the provinces of Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti.

Since 2005, the European Commission has put EUR 4 million into the projects, which specifically aimed to strengthen local authorities’ capacity to implement economic development and social reform programs.

“All the three projects have been successful in increasing productivity and thus the income of the farmers who received support from the EU,” Eklund said.

He said this was due to the provision of high quality seeds and farm machinery as well as to training on “advanced agricultural techniques” and easier access to loans and markets. (Black Sea Press)