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This week, the state of California performed its first legally-recognized same-sex weddings. How do you feel about same-sex marriages?

Wednesday, June 18
“Not in Georgia. We have a totally different mentality from the West. I think Georgians will need another 50 years just to feel neutral about that issue.”
Samson, athlete, 23

“Well, for me it doesn’t matter. A man has the freedom to do anything he wants if it’s not a crime.”
Galina, pharmacist, 32

“No, it’s disgusting. I hope this will never be legal in Georgia, but you can expect anything from this government—even this.”
Natela, notary, 56

“You mustn’t ask Georgians a question like this. It has only one answer: no. It is impossible that it could ever happen in Georgia.”
Ketino, cashier, 50

“It is awful. People shouldn’t talk about this on television, or in newspapers. If someone sufferes from gender pathologies, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world needs to hear about it. I hate people like this.”
Andre, architect, 27

“Generally, I’m an empathetic person. But I feel enormous aggression towards people like this. It is depravity and nothing more.”
Lolita, English teacher, 22

“What do you mean? This is impossible in Georgia, and no law can change this.”
Guram, professor, 47

“In Georgia, everyone hates pederasty, and so do I. Those people need to be locked up somewhere, or something.”
Goga, manager, 31

“[Gay people] are ill. We need to cure them, and not let them marry and produce more ill people.”
Nunu, teacher, 52