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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Thursday, June 26
“Presentation of political center will be held in September”

Akhali Taoba reports that the United Opposition coalition is still very much active, meeting daily to hash out plans for an ‘alternative political center’:

“According to one of the members of the United Opposition, Zviad Dzidziguri, the opposition is working on creating an alternative political center.

‘Opposition members are meeting every day, and we are discussing organizational and other issues of making a political center. I think this summer will be enough time to manage everything,’ Dzidziguri said.

The United Opposition and the New Rights rejected their MPs’ status and decided to make a political center; its presentation will presumably be held in September.”

“Opposition protests crackdown on street vendors”

The Christian Democrats, newly-founded and newly-elected to parliament, are speaking out against a crackdown on unlicensed street trading, writes Sakartvelos Respublika:

“Christian Democratic Movement MP Giorgi Akhvlediani protested a [police crackdown on unlicensed] street vendors and declared that now that the elections are over the authorities are against using aggression against street vendors.

According to him everyone wants a clean and beautiful city, but human beings are most important. Akhvlediani showed Georgian MPs a City Council document dated to January 22, 2007 according to which it is not illegal to trade in the streets.

Ruling party member Pavle Kublashvili advised Akhvlediani to look through the document in detail, to see in which places street vendors are allowed to work.

Kublashvili also emphasized that [street] trading is unsafe for public health.”

“Adjara begins fight against white butterfly”

The fearsome white butterfly has descended on the seaside province of Adjara, reports Kviris Palitra, and local officials are determined to wipe out the crop pest:

“The active stage of the fight against the white butterfly has begun in Adjara. According to Adjaran officials, GEL 200 000 was set aside from the budget for the project, and every district in Adjara will take some measures against the white butterfly.

Locals who find the butterflies will be able to contact a hotline for the nature defense service.”

“Transport price increased in Kutaisi”

Akhali Taoba reports on rising transport fares in Georgia’s second city:

“Following a Kutaisi City Hall decision the price for public transport increased from 20 to 30 tetri, and the price for marshrutkas rose to 40 tetri.

According to drivers, they did not want to increase prices. Marshrutka drivers said they asked City Hall several times to [subsidize their fares], but officials refused saying that the local government will not finance them because they are not public transport.

Kutaisi residents criticized the [price rise] and say they cannot pay the extra 10 tetri.”