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Were the police more lenient during the election campaigns?

Thursday, June 26
“I don’t think so. I think the police in our country have been the same for last 15 years. At least, I don’t see much change.”
Gocha, businessman, 43

“I have no contact with the police whatsoever, so I don’t know. But logically speaking, they probably were.”
Lika, hairdresser, 34

“Of course. The government was, too. In Georgia, [the government] cares for people only during elections.”
Sasha, taxi driver, 62

“Yes, they were. They were another kind of political advertisement for the government. They were convincing people to vote for the [ruling party].”
Lili, chemist, 57

“They always pretend to be polite guys, but at the polling stations they did much more than that. When they were rigging the elections, police were silent.”
Levani, footballer, 25

“I think they were. They didn’t make the minibuses stop when they had more people than are allowed.”
Anano, Russian specialist, 21

“I don’t know, actually. I had no problems with the police either before or after the elections.”
Roman, dancer, 23

“Yes, patrol police stopped me several times for small traffic violations and each time they just gave me a warning instead of a fine.”
Nino, biochemist, 38

“I haven’t noticed a difference. I think they acted like they always do.”
Koba, student, 20