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Are you more worried about Abkhazia and South Ossetia than you were a month ago?

Monday, July 7
“Yes, of course. The situation is getting worse everyday. How could I not worry?”
Mariami, doctor, 50

“Yes, I pray day and night that nothing will happen. I expect something dramatic to happen everyday.”
Maia, sewer, 57

“To be honest I was more concerned a month ago. Now I’m accustomed to the tense situation.”
Tornike, builder, 38

“No, it’s the same every summer. Something flares up, then we retreat, or they do, so nobody knows who was the first to shoot. But normally nothing worse happens.”
Kakha, programmer, 27

“Of course! Every morning, there are more injuries or deaths, shootings. I don’t think this will lead to anything good.”
Nato, librarian, 57

“I am worried that a big war will start. I really hope it doesn’t—although if it comes to that, I would fight.”
Goga, operator, 29

“Yes, I think conflict is already unavoidable.”
Manana, nurse, 42

“Yes I am and I think that war would be a disaster, it will bring Georgia to the same chaotic situation as in 1993.”
Nino, student, 21

“I’m always worried about this. I think we’re closer to war now than we have been over the past 15 years.”
Kote, technician, 37