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Who is most responsible for the situation in the conflict zones?

Tuesday, July 8
“The Russian side. But they don’t care about Georgians. So our president has to do his utmost not to let them behave incorrectly and harm Georgian guys.”
Luba, philologist, 22

“Russia. But no one will say anything to them because they will disguise their activities so that nothing that has happened leads back to Russia. So, we must take care of our territory and our people—why would we need this territory if there aren’t any people to live on that it?”
Dali, economist, 52

“The Abkhaz. It’s time for them to realize what the real situation is. They can’t see the real enemy. Everything will be caused by them.”
Mamuka, watchman, 39

“I think all sides are to blame in this situation. Georgia made some awful mistakes in early 1990s and the Abkhaz, with Russian support, have used our stupid policy against us.”
Givi, carpenter, 54

“It’s all about Russia; if they stopped interfering in Georgia’s internal affairs we would resolve our problems very soon.”
Keti, manager, 30

“I think it’s mainly Georgia’s fault. If we had had a little more sense 20 years ago there would be no problems with separatists today.”
Manana, student, 23

“I don’t know. Probably all sides. It’s not about the specific incidents, it’s more about the way that Russians support Abkhazia and South Ossetia—that’s the cause of the problems.”
Nika, manager, 29

“If it was the Georgian side that set off the explosions in Abkhazia, I blame them for all the deaths. This is not the way to return our territories. Diplomacy must come first.”
Lela, unemployed, 45

“The Abkhaz side is to blame for hosting Russian tourists and acting as if they really are an independent country. One day they will pay for that.”
Irakli, businessman, 34