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Regional anti-domestic violence campaign begins

By Shorena Labadze
Monday, July 14
A campaign to combat violence against women in the South Caucasus was presented on July 10 in Tbilisi.

A three-year initiative funded by the United Nations Population Fund and the government of Norway, the project will combat domestic violence in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

It is billed as the first region-wide project to deal with gender-based violence and promote women’s empowerment, through tactics which include public service campaigns and backing gender balance in legislation.

“Overall, the project will advance the efforts to build a [gender-based violence] free environment, will empower women and will contribute to the sustainable development and democracy in the region,” Head of the UNFPA Georgian Office Tamar Khomasuridze said.

After conducting surveys about domestic violence, the project will attempt to raise public awareness.

“The survey findings will aid the formulation of national policies and plans to combat [gender-based violence] and will contribute to the increased public awareness on gender equality,” said project coordinator Tea Maisuradze.

The project will also support services to prevent and aid victims of domestic violence.

The United Nations Population Fund began working with Georgia in 1993, and established a country office in 1999.