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If you could speak to ex-president Eduard Shevardnadze, what would you ask him?

Monday, July 14
“Why all of Georgia hates him. Personally I don’t see anything irritating about him, but older generations all say awful things about him. I really wonder how he managed to be the most unpopular figure in his own nation.”
Nana, student, 19

“Why he ordered to kill the boys who wanted fly away from the Soviet regime but couldn’t. He could save them. Why didn’t he?”
Valeri, economist, 27

“Did he love the Georgian people?”
Eka, philologist, 23

“What he regrets, if anything.”
Mariami, physician, 37

“Which he would prefer: living in a fine residence hated by the whole nation, or living in a hut without sins and loved by the people.”
Ketino, music teacher, 57

“What he said to [President Mikheil] Saakashvili when finally decided to resign and spoke to Misha and Zhvania about something separately. What did he said to him? What was his ultimatum?”
Natia, doctor’s assistant, 25

“Did he know that Saakashvili was going to hold the Rose Revolution? Did he ever think he would resign in such a way?”
Tamriko, teacher, 34

“I have nothing to ask to Shevardnadze because he can change nothing, and he never answers questions sincerely anyway. He is a real politician, and true politicians never answer questions.”
Misha, economist, 34

“Why did he start war in Abkhazia—did he not realize that Russia would get involved?”
Soso, lecturer, 44