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Should the government support the repatriation of the Meskhetian Turks?

Tuesday, July 15
“No, I think it will only bring trouble to the people who live in the area where they will settle. I don’t think Georgia needs them.”
Kako, driver, 55

“I personally could live without them, but I guess the government has to support it since we made a promise.”
Nino, accountant, 34

“I think we have enough minority problems with the Azeris and Armenians. In Akhalkalaki, Armenians think it is Armenia. There is no sense in bringing back the Meskhetian Turks.”
Tamriko, doctor, 51

“Yes, it should support it. Georgia needs to meet international standards.”
Elguja, engineer, 29

“No, it shouldn’t. We don’t need people who insist they are Turks and not Georgians. Why should the government do it?!”
Paata, lecturer, 33

“Meskhetian Turks aren’t Georgian people. So the government doesn’t have responsibility to do anything.”
Anano, nurse, 39

“No, it shouldn’t. I know there are few people who want to be here and maintain the old traditions but most of them don’t need anything to do with Georgia.”
Nika, builder, 25

“The government should by all means support this. They are victims of time and they should live in their home country. But only those who want to be here.”
Zezva, sociologist, 23

“They mustn’t come back here. We have enough problems without them. We have a plague caused by Chinese people. We don’t need further problems from Turks.”
Soso, driver, 70