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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Wednesday, July 16
"Neither Nino Burjanadze nor Irakli Okruashvili will be opposition leaders”

Akhali Taoba reports on opposition MP Gia Tortladze’s comments about his former allies in the United Opposition coalition:

“According to Georgian MP Gia Tortladze the process of disintegration [of the United Opposition] began when the Republicans decided to run in the elections independently, [and was not began] by him and Gia Tsagareishvili [when they broke from the coalition in June].

Speaking to journalists Tortladze did not rule out cooperating with the United Opposition in the future. ‘This will depend on the opposition’s activities,’ the MP said.

Tortladze also mentioned the Movement for United Georgia, one of the parties in the coalition. He said that this party, which he left some months ago, will dissolve.

Tortladze says that the leader of the party, [self-exiled ex-minister] Irakli Okruahvili, will not become an opposition leader because he is not in Georgia and added that [former parliamentary speaker] Nino Burjanadze will also not be able to become opposition leader.

‘For four years Burjanadze was a participant in all kinds of illegal activities. At least she should express her opinion about the murder of Sandro Girgvliani and other killings, as well as the November 7 events and the January 5 rigged elections,’ Tortladze said.

Gia Tortladze and Gia Tsagareishvili left the United Opposition after the parliamentary elections.

Political parties We, Ourselves and Georgian Troupe also left the opposition coalition, and a number of days ago another opposition party, the Freedom Party, shared those opposition parties’ opinion and also left the coalition.”

“Georgian ambassador to Russia will attend parliamentary committee session”

24 Saati reported yesterday that Georgia’s ambassador to Russia was due to attend a session of parliament’s foreign relations committee:

“Georgian Ambassador to Russia Erosi Kitsmarishvili will attend the session of foreign relations committee in parliament today [July 15].

According to the head of parliamentary committee, Lasha Zhvania, MPs have many questions to put to the ambassador and are interested in his activities and opinion on settling [Georgia’s] conflicts.

Zhvania said that committee session will be closed and journalists will not attend.

Zhvania explained to the journalists that Erosi Kitsmarishvili has been recalled from Russia after Russia confirmed its military aggression towards Georgia.”

“Market vendors against street vendors in Zugdidi”

Akhali Taoba reports on a street vendor protest in Zugdidi:

“Market vendors protested in Zugdidi against a ban on trading outside the market. They said that customers buy products from them without entering the marketplace.

The Zugdidi municipality says their demand [to stop trading outside marketplaces] is legal and promised that soon street vendors would be taken inside the marketplace.

‘We have a place for street vendors inside the marketplace, they have one week to make a decision. Otherwise we will take alternative measures,” Zugdidi district chief Alexandre Kobalia said.”