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Do you support an increase in Georgian army size from 32 000 soldiers to 37 000?

Wednesday, July 16
“I would prefer that armies weren’t needed at all, but of course its crucial for the country. So it is a good trend, though not for Georgian mothers.”
Giuli, musician, 27

“Yes. It indicates the strength of our country. But they must be paid well. It isn’t good to hear that the army is getting bigger, but it is important for our country. So overall, it is more good than bad.”
Tamazi, food distributor, 38

“No. I don’t need the army at all. Increasing its size means that something bad may be about to happen. God save us.”
Natalia, student, 18

“It’s a hard time for Georgia now, so I’m not surprised by this decision. We need to be ready to protect our country.”
Givi, technician, 43

“No, not really, it means that Georgia is preparing for some military action. That’s awful.”
Tamar, teacher, 51

“If this is needed to solve our conflict problems I will support it, but I still believe we should get back Sokhumi only through negotiations.”
Shalva, translator, 27

“I suppose that if the Georgian government has decided to increase the army’s size there is a need for it. The Russians threaten us all the time, so there is no other option.”
Giorgi, IT manager, 34

“I don’t know what we need that army for, we won’t start a war or anything, so is it just to threaten people? We aren’t going to intimidate Russia—they have more weapons and a bigger army than we do. So there’s no need to increase the size of the army.”
Guram, professor, 55

“The better the army, the better the country. We’ll have more resources to return our land if we increase the number of our troops.”
Lika, hairdresser, 40