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Should parliament give more discussion to the human rights ombudsman’s report?

Thursday, July 17
“Yes, of course. I think [Human Rights Ombudsman Sozar] Subari is the only person remaining in the state bodies who actually does something. That’s why he is treated this way.”
Nana, psychologist, 27

“If they’ve did so, they’d have to leave their posts. I’m joking. Who would leave their post because of Subari’s report?”
Nodari, student, 20

“How can an ordinary person find justice, when Subari’s report has simply been ignored?”
Eldari, history teacher, 58

“I don’t know anything about this report, all I saw was parliament criticizing it. First they beat up the ombudsman, and now they criticize him. That’s how fair Georgian government is.”
Nato, manager, 33

“They must look at it, of course. Georgia still has a human rights problem, so the more attention parliament or anyone pays the better.”
Ana, consultant, 41

“This parliament doesn’t care about any report. I’m sure no one even read it. So there’s not much point in more discussion.”
Levan, engineer, 56

“Of course! If no one cares about the ombudsman’s report, why should this position even exist?”
avid, journalist, 24

“I don’t see any sense in that, even if they discuss this report, I personally don’t believe that anything will change. Those in power will still do anything they want.”
Gabriel, driver, 49

“Is there anything new about the government ignoring the problems of the population? I don’t think so.”
Keti, student, 21