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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Friday, July 18
“Labor members without salaries”

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Labor Party members on one district election commission say they did not receive payment for their work in the recent elections:

“According to the members of Labor Party in Kvareli, they did not receive payment for their work during the elections.

Labor member Kakha Dzagania said at a press conference that the money has not been transferred to Kvareli and only the head of the election headquarters and his secretary received their salaries.

‘If the head of the election headquarters and his secretary got salaries why have commission members not? But commission members are members of the Labor Party and that’s why they did not get salaries,” Dzagania said.

Dzagania said that if their party members do not get paid then the Labor Party will picket the building to demand payment.

He said each person should get GEL 200.”

“Prime Time on Rustavi 2 or nowhere”

Rezonansi writes on speculation over the popular talk show Prime Time, now on indefinite hiatus:

“Prime Time’s return to air on Rustavi 2 is under question. TBC TV Studio director Maka Neidze said the issue must be decided by the television channel’s owners and representatives of studio.

Neidze also did not rule out that the contract with Rustavi 2 may be terminated before it expired in December.

Program anchor Inga Grigolia says that Prime Time should be on air from September and added that has no information about program being shut down.

“Davit Bakradze met with Terhi Hakala”

24 Saati reports on talks between the parliamentary speaker and the top OSCE representative in Georgia:

“Parliamentary Speaker Davit Bakradze has met Terhi Hakala, head of the OSCE Mission to Georgia.

The press centre of parliament said the main topic of discussion was the parliamentary elections held on May 21 and its results. The second issue discussed was Georgia’s conflicts. Bakradze and Hakala discussed proposed approaches to settling the conflicts peacefully.”