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Is Kavkasia TV more trustworthy than Georgia’s other television stations?

Friday, July 18
“No. They are as biased as the other stations, but in another direction. I think GPB [Georgian Public Broadcaster] is the most trustworthy station.”
Luka, student, 22

“Yes, I think they are the only channel that shows what is going on in Georgia right now.”
Nana, teacher, 48

“I think they are saying a lot of truth and showing a different view of things, and that is good. Some things I trust, some I don’t, but generally it’s good to have another opinion.”
Kote, unemployed, 52

“Yes, it is. I trust it and I only watch this channel. I hate Rustavi2 and GPB.”
Paata, dentist, 38

“That’s the only channel I can watch now. I just get sick of all this propaganda on state channels.”
Natela, doctor, 43

“Yes, of course. You’d have to be blind not to see it. They only give the facts and don’t edit comments to suit their own ends, as other TV channels do.”
arika, English specialist, 22

“By all means! I trust this TV station most of all. It isn’t difficult to see that it’s unbiased.”
Nunu, pensioner, 77

“No, I don’t. To get true information you have to watch both Kavkasia and some pro-government TV and than you have to analyze it.”
Alex, system administrator, 27

“I don’t trust any channel. I get info mostly from the internet.”
Diana, student, 19