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The Week in Brief

Friday, July 18
Germany stepped into a leading role for conflict resolution, sending top diplomats to Tbilisi and Sokhumi with a Berlin-backed peace plan. Separatist Abkhaz leadership say the plan is a nonstarter in its current form.

The international community raised concerns over Russia’s admission that it flew warplanes over separatist-controlled Georgian territory last week. A UN Security Council session on the incident is scheduled for the start of next week.

Another high-profile member of the beleaguered United Opposition bloc left the group, accusing its members of collaborating with the government. Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, son of Georgia’s first president, said the Saakashvili administration is as strong as ever.

Parliament voted to trash a lengthy 2007 human rights report without further action, accusing its author, the country’s human rights ombudsman, of trying to score political points by cataloguing legal violations by the state.