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If you had the option and the means, where would you prefer to live: inside Tbilisi or outside?

Monday, July 21
“I would live in Tskneti near Tbilisi. Ecologically it is safer than living in Tbilisi. Tbilisi isn’t safe for living any more. There are so many cars that jam Tbilisi’s narrow streets.”
Nugzari, businessman, 52

“I’d live in the suburbs, which are calmer than the central part of town. But I couldn’t live outside Tbilisi. I don’t think I’d be able to breathe outside Tbilisi—whether I was in a village or even Paris.”
Nino, food expert, 24

“I’d live in the centre of Tbilisi, for example Vera or Vake, as these places have some kind of irresistible lure for me.”
Marika, student, 19

“I’d go anywhere abroad. I’m already fed up with our beloved Tbilisi—although it is bright and bustling it is also full of beggars. I can’t stand it any more. It hurts me inside. ”
Nana, economist, 35

“I would live in Old Tbilisi as it is absolutely different from the one we live in today.”
Amirani, driver, 70

“I think I’d rather live here in Tbilisi, because most of my friends and relatives are here and it’s more fun in general.”
Dato, student, 21

“I’d live in my village in Imereti if I had the choice, but there’s nothing to do here, so I have to work here.”
Gocha, engineer, 42

“In summer it’s too hot here. I’d like to live somewhere cooler in summer and here in winter.”
Misha, taxi driver, 51

“I’d rather live in Batumi. I think it’s beautiful and peaceful in any season and in summer it’s particularly nice on the beach.”
Eka, manager, 31